The brand History

Founded in 1837 by 16-year-old Sarah Simmonds, we’re a family run business providing over 50,000 uniforms a year.  In operation for over 180 years, Simmonds has become one of the most loved and respected outfitters in the South East dressing the pupils of over 100 schools.

At the heart of all we do, are you, our customers. As you'd expect, each generation has built further on the business, adapting and innovating to suit the times but each generation has also kept the promise that has been handed on from the last, to put our customers first, always.

Putting our customers first means listening to you, getting to know what you want. It means ensuring we provide quality clothing that lasts the distance. It means offering great value for money. And it means delivering impeccable service every time. This focus on customers results in real, long-standing relationships and it’s a partnership we never take for granted.

We see our suppliers as partners and handpick trusted manufacturers whose integrity and values align with our own. Every garment that is made for us is tested down to the very last button – it means we’re confident that it's fit for purpose and durable enough for real life.

Our attention to detail and our uncompromising standards has seen us grow to three sites, dozens of school shops and a 16,000 square foot warehouse that allows us to turn around over 200,000 items a year. Thanks to modern day techniques we can personalise for your school or organisation faster than ever before without compromising the traditional values of quality.

What drives us to keep moving forward? It’s our customers. We don’t see 50,000 school uniforms being churned out each year. We see 50,000 stars of the future embarking on their next adventure. 

At Simmonds, we know that this isn’t about the clothing. It's about real people, living real lives. It's about making memories and building the future. 

Simmonds. Dressing The Nation With Pride Since 1837.

If you require assistance with your purchase please contact our Customer Services at 01892 837202 or email